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intel core amd ryzen amd intel cpu chip


Top 5 Best CPUs: Intel Core vs. AMD Ryzen

With readers constantly inquiring about which CPU they should buy, and after all the extensive testing you’re familiar with, the TechSpot CPU buying guide narrows things down to a handful of recommendations you can trust.

By Steven Walton, April 29 85 comments 1036320

razer core razer pc gaming external graphics external gpu


Razer Core X External GPU Review

If you require strong PC gaming performance, traditionally that meant a desktop was your only option. However with a Thunderbolt connection, you can add a desktop external GPU to your laptop. Is it any good?

By William Gayde, April 26 26 comments 21958

anti-aliasing gaming 3d hardware 3d graphics 3d gaming rendering explainer computer graphics

TechSpotTech Culture

How 3D Game Rendering Works: Anti-Aliasing

The 3D games we play and love are all made up of thousands, if not millions, of colored straight lines, which inevitably will look jagged in our screens if not for smoothing anti-aliasing techniques. Let us explain in this new deep dive.

By Nick Evanson, April 27 17 comments 15037

apple ipad ipad pro ipad mini buying guide tablet


Which iPad Model Should You Get?

If you want to upgrade your iPad, you may find there are more options than ever before. The latest Pro models differ in more than size, and these add to the existing 8th-gen iPad, 5th-gen iPad Mini, and 4th-gen iPad Air.

By Amir Shoam, April 28 17 comments 14808

bitmain antminer e9 ethereum rtx crypto crypto mining


Bitmain’s Antminer E9 offers the Ethereum mining performance of 32 RTX 3080 cards

And with a price tag to match By Rob Thubron, April 26 24 comments 13987

amd b450 motherboard ryzen cpu amd


Russia has begun producing its own AMD B450 motherboards

It will enable secure offices to use AMD processors By Isaiah Mayersen, April 25 25 comments 13984

leaked nvidia cmp 40hx rtx cryptocurrency mining crypto mining


Leaked tests show Nvidia’s CMP 40HX mining card performing close to an RTX 3060

Hopefully this means more RTX 3060 cards end up in the hands of gamers By Adrian Potoroaca, April 26 28 comments 11448

onlyfans financials

The WebTech Culture

OnlyFans thrived during lockdown as bored people sought online entertainment

OnlyFans found a new way to monetize social content By Shawn Knight, April 26 17 comments 9120

amd ryzen cpu amazon intel amd


AMD dominates Amazon’s best-selling CPU chart, despite Intel’s discounts

Bad news for Intel By Rob Thubron, April 26 33 comments 8520

gaming secretlab magnus gaming desktop furniture


Gaming chair startup SecretLab unveils Magnus, its first gaming desk with ‚magnetic ecosystem‘

Hidden tray and magnetic anchors make cable management a snap By Cal Jeffrey, April 28 11 comments 8458

chia adata ssd galax

HardwareTech Culture

Chia crypto mining spurs 500% jump in Adata SSD sales, warranty warning from Galax

Is another PC component about to experience shortages? By Rob Thubron, April 29 24 comments 6616

apple greg joswiak john ternus ipad mac


Apple won’t merge iPad and Mac, despite hardware convergence

No „toaster refrigerator“ for Apple fans By Adrian Potoroaca, April 24 16 comments 6237

metro exodus enhanced edition


Metro Exodus owners can get the Enhanced Edition free next week, check out the demanding PC requirements

A full game, not just an update By Rob Thubron, April 29 6153

ceo lsd silicon valley drugs

Tech Culture

A $2 billion startup dismissed its CEO for microdosing LSD at work

A new study shows microdosing’s benefits could be a placebo effect By Rob Thubron, April 27 16 comments 6113

official google

The WebGoogle

Google’s official Argentina domain name was bought for $3

The web designer who purchased the name assumed it wouldn’t work By Rob Thubron, April 27 11 comments 5736

AMD Ryzen Zen 3


Ryzen rumors: Zen 5 to use Alder Lake-style hybrid design, Zen 3+ canceled due to chip shortage

big.LITTLE Ryzen? By Rob Thubron, April 29 14 comments 5480

nypd digidog boston dynamics robotics robots law enforcement spot killer robots

IndustryTech Culture

NYPD rips up $94,000 ‚Digidog‘ contract with Boston Dynamics after backlash from activists and city officials

Mayor de Blasio spokesman: ‚It’s creepy, alienating, and sends the wrong message to New Yorkers‘ By Cal Jeffrey, April 29 26 comments 5395

amd smashes records data center semi-custom revenue consumer amd radeon financials amd ryzen


AMD reports another record quarter as revenue jumps 93% to $3.45 billion

Crypto mining had a „negligible“ effect on AMD’s bottom line, apparently By Rob Thubron, April 28 14 comments 4958

buying guide pc gaming diy pc enthusiast gaming pc build a pc pc buying guide budget pc


North American and European game devs prefer creating for PC, GDC survey suggests

The PS5 follows closely behind By Cohen Coberly, April 28 4803

check fast furious movies found

Tech Culture

Every Fast & Furious movie will be screened in theaters for free ahead of F9 premiere

Relive every Fast & Furious movie on the big screen By Shawn Knight, April 26 12 comments 4432

nvidia rtx 30 series


Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 series graphics cards with cryptomining limiter reportedly coming next month

May gamers get the graphics cards they deserve By Joao Silva, April 28 19 comments 4283

asus led monitor


Asus‘ first mini LED gaming monitor launches in May for $3,000

HDMI 2.1 is noticeably absent By Shawn Knight, April 28 10 comments 3240

acer chinese ssds ram storage ssd dram


Acer will soon sell SSDs and RAM kits made by Chinese chipmaker Biwin

Acer products in name alone By Cohen Coberly, April 27 8 comments 3000

woman vhs

Tech Culture

Oklahoma woman was charged with a felony for not returning a VHS rental two decades ago

How an unreturned VHS rental can haunt you two decades later By Shawn Knight, April 27 24 comments 2979

leaked documents show buy fifa loot boxes ea fifa loot box fifa 21


Leaked documents show EA’s focus on loot boxes

All roads lead to FIFA 21’s loot box system By Rob Thubron, April 27 25 comments 2730

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